A good method to use in making sure your correspondence gets opened!

Before we get into the particulars take a moment to think about what people do when they go to their mailbox. As soon as they grab their mail most people will quickly glance thru the pile of mail and sort it into two piles. Let’s call this pile A and pile B.

All the mail that goes into pile A gets opened first. This is usually mail that they recognize as being important or who it’s from that triggers the immediate opening.

All the mail that is put into pile B is usually mail that appears to be on non-importance. This could be some type of advertising which people often call “junk mail”. Sometimes companies that are selling items through the mail also use teaser copy on the envelope to draw attention hoping that the mailing piece will go into the A pile. In many cases, teaser copy on the outside of the envelope doesn’t always work.

Clearly, it just a few seconds’ people make a quick decision as to what they want to open up first. That’s why it’s important to get your letters into the “A” pile as described above.

It’s a known fact that many pieces of mail that go into the “B” pile is set aside for later reading.
Often times, many times the mail will not even get read and may be tossed in the trash.

So what can you do to help get your envelopes opened?

When putting a return address on your mailings don’t use your personal name or business name. In the return address section of the envelope, just use your mailing address, city, state, and zip code. What this does is that it peaks the curiosity of the person getting the correspondence. Most people will never throw away an envelope if they don’t know who the envelope is from. Many people are curious in nature and will want to immediately want to know what’s inside.

In using this method you are simply not allowing the person to make any immediate judgments as to what your envelope contains. The sheer curiosity of this is sure to help get more of your envelopes opened. The more of your envelopes that get opened and read may equate to improved response rates.

If you have not used this method you may want to start using this simple action step.

If you need money right now Is there a best time of the week to send out your mailing?

Is there a best time of the week to send out your mailing?

This is a question that we get quite often from our clients so we thought it would be a good topic to touch upon.

During the summer months we feel it’s always a good idea to send out your mailings on a Friday or Saturday. The idea is to try to get your offer into the hands of your prospect on a weekday. This is especially important during the summer months. Here’s why!

During the summer months, people tend to have many weekend activities that could take place. For example this could be weddings, graduations, picnics, travel plans etc… Apply using our simple form on and get your fast loan if you need money right now.

Many of these weekend events will certainly take priority over wanting to go to the mailbox to read the weekend mail. It’s also safe to say that even if the mail is picked up, there is a good possibility that it would get aside for later reading. Remember, the weekend activities as stated above will most likely take priority.

Some of that mail that was set aside for later reading may not even get opened and read. This is especially true if your direct mail piece looks like “junk mail” and if it does, there is a good chance your mailing could be sent to the circular file (trash basket).

Simply stated, you don’t want your offer to compete with weekend activities. Offers received during the week are more likely to get read immediately. In the end the best time for your prospect to receive your direct mail offer is when they are going to have the time to give your offer the attention it deserves.

Postcard Marketing – Making it work for you!

With the ever increasing cost of postage, marketing with postcards has been a great way for network marketers and entrepreneurs to reach their target audience.

In order for any postcard marketing campaign to be effective lets go over some very important considerations. They are as follows:

A well designed postcard should allow plenty of space so the content of the message is not over-crowded. The general idea of the postcard is to generate interest. It should lead your prospect to a website or a conference call to get more information.

Don’t try to explain all of the details of your program on the postcard. The main goal of the postcard is to get the interest of your prospect with a compelling message with a sudden glance. That’s it!

Another important consideration is to make sure that you are sending out postcards that are professionally printed. A postcard does not have to be printed in full color to be effective. Some of the most effective postcard marketing campaigns has used simple designed postcards using pastel colors such as canary yellow, or light blue. The brighter colors work well too but why pay the extra cost for those colors when it’s not really necessary.

Finally, using the right mailing list is critical. The best mailing list for promoting any income opportunity program should be from names that have been generated through direct mail.

The Opportunity Buyers mailing list will always do better than an Opportunity Seekers mailing list. For a more detailed explanation of this, you can learn more by clinking on the list categories.

At MLM labels we never generate our lists from the internet. If you want to be a successful direct mail marketer then using direct mail generated mailing lists is going to be your best bet.