With the ever increasing cost of postage, marketing with postcards has been a great way for network marketers and entrepreneurs to reach their target audience.

In order for any postcard marketing campaign to be effective lets go over some very important considerations. They are as follows:

A well designed postcard should allow plenty of space so the content of the message is not over-crowded. The general idea of the postcard is to generate interest. It should lead your prospect to a website or a conference call to get more information.

Don’t try to explain all of the details of your program on the postcard. The main goal of the postcard is to get the interest of your prospect with a compelling message with a sudden glance. That’s it!

Another important consideration is to make sure that you are sending out postcards that are professionally printed. A postcard does not have to be printed in full color to be effective. Some of the most effective postcard marketing campaigns has used simple designed postcards using pastel colors such as canary yellow, or light blue. The brighter colors work well too but why pay the extra cost for those colors when it’s not really necessary.

Finally, using the right mailing list is critical. The best mailing list for promoting any income opportunity program should be from names that have been generated through direct mail.

The Opportunity Buyers mailing list will always do better than an Opportunity Seekers mailing list. For a more detailed explanation of this, you can learn more by clinking on the list categories.

At MLM labels we never generate our lists from the internet. If you want to be a successful direct mail marketer then using direct mail generated mailing lists is going to be your best bet.