What every Entrepreneur should know about “Opportunity Seekers Mailing Lists”

Opportunity Seekers Mailing Lists

What is an opportunity seeker?

Opportunity Seekers Mailing list

An Opportunity seeker is someone who seeks out some form of business opportunity. Business Opportunities can be advertised or solicited in many forms of advertising media. This may include any of the following: Direct Mail, Classified Ads, Display Ads, Radio, Television, etc…

Many of the solicitations allow people to receive “free information” on the offers being advertised. In other words, it could also be stated that these opportunity seekers are simply making an inquiry or a request for more information.

For example: If a classified ad generated 100 new interested prospects you could say that you now have an opportunity seekers list with 100 people on it. If you had 20 people out of the 100 people actually purchase what was being offered, you would have an Opportunity Buyers mailing list of 20 people. Which group of names is more likely to respond to your offers?

Whenever you are marketing with direct mail you should always want to use the most qualified mailing lists you can obtain. An Opportunity Buyers mailing list is always going to be a better choice for you direct mail campaigns. Opportunity seekers are not qualified. Many opportunity seekers never make a purchase or take any action. Many people who land on Opportunity seekers mailing list are often called “tire-kickers” or “time-wasters”. Keep in mind that many people send away for offers just to satisfy their own curiosity and never make any form of a purchase nor do they take any action. In other words, opportunity seekers or individuals who are on many opportunity seekers lists have not proven their mail order responsiveness.

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