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This is a great book for the serious minded network marketer

“The MLM Classic.”–Richard Poe, author of Wave 3
Network marketing is a burgeoning field, and it can be a frustrating and difficult experience. There are many who have achieved minimal success, and many more who have made no money at all. With these discouraging figures, how can one become a member of the successful elite? Millions agree that the best way to do this is to spend some time with
The Greatest Network in the World.

John Milton Fogg’s extended parable is the story of a young man on the verge of quitting the multilevel marketing business. As he prepares to give his final opportunity meeting, he meets the individual everyone refers to as The Greatest Networked in the World. This warm and wise man takes in his young counterpart and shows him the trade secrets so he too can become a successful network marketer.

The young man soon learns that the trade secrets have very little to do with conventional marketing techniques. In fact, he has to unlearn everything he thought he knew about business. “The paradigm of network marketing is so fundamentally different and distinct from all other paradigms of business, that it requires a pretty complete shift from the way we normally view business to appreciate and understand it.”

The new paradigm is built around one’s habits of thought and discovering that the secrets to network marketing success are within oneself. The values of responsibility, team building, and caring for one’s down-line play a much more important role than competitive promotion and advertising.
A critical skill for all marketers is the ability to teach people to teach others. Once one has mastered the new paradigm of multilevel marketing, he needs to not only show his down-line how to master it, but also how to teach those techniques to others. This leads to greater leadership within the organization, more stability, improved productivity, and as a result, long-lasting success.

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 How To Get More Sales

People buy emotionally first and logically second!

But sales people often (maybe most often) attempt to sell logically first and emotionally second (if at all). People won’t buy in reverse order.

You can explain why your product (or service, or your point, when talking to a colleague or family member) makes sense, or why your price is affordable, or your product is the best on the market, or your decision is best for everyone involved . . . but until the customer experiences the emotional desire to buy, you’re not going to make your sale.

Don’t put the cart before the horse by trying to sell the logic first. Get people excited about what you’re selling and they’ll come up with the logic on their own! It’s true. Think about a significant or unusual purchase that you recently made for yourself, your business, or your family.

It might have been a new computer, a new car, a new set of golf clubs, an expensive vacation, or a special gift. Think about your buying process. Did you sit down and figure out how the purchase made sense before you got excited about making the purchase? Or was it the other way around?

Yes, people get excited about what they want to buy, and then they figure out how to justify buying it. That’s not always the best way to make a purchase because oftentimes we buy things we really don’t need, or can’t afford. But nonetheless, it’s the way people buy.

If you’re selling something that people really do need, if you’ll help them get excited first, you’ll get more sales.

Now that you understand why people buy, take a look at the five reasons why people won’t buy from you:

1. No need.
2. No money.
3. No hurry.
4. No desire.
5. No trust.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is, or how fairly it’s priced. Where these reasons occur, a sale doesn’t.

Quoting Zig Ziglar, “Selling is the only part of a company that contributes to profit. All the other parts contribute to cost. Be proud that you sell and reflect that pride to your customers, associates, family and friends. It’s more than just a cliché to say that nothing happens in the world of business until somebody sells something.”

. . .Adapted from NETWORK MARKETING FOR DUMMIES by Zig Ziglar and John P. Hayes, Ph.D.