Terms And Conditions

MLM Labels are provided to you on a rental basis and are restricted to a one-time use policy. This means you may not copy or duplicate the list for subsequent mailings. Since we are strictly a supplier of mailing lists, we do not guarantee or promote any programs nor can we guarantee any response rates. We are not in the business of dictating what offers people may promote, however, we suggest that all clients mail for good causes. This is the responsibility of the mailer. Mailers agree to use our lists for only legal legitimate offers and it is the mailers responsibility to insure the same.

MLM Labels, it’s principles, officers, and staff does not endorse or promote any programs and share no financial interests in offers being promoted.

MLM Labels offers only the list types as shown on the order form. No other lists are offered. If you are promoting any offer that would suggest other lists, or make any reference or claim to any guarantee of response rates, we would request that you remove our company name and contact information accordingly.

For faster service in processing list orders we ask that all order forms be submitted by using the enclosed order form. Orders received without the order form may be delayed, returned or refused. MLM Labels reserves the right to return any orders that arrive without a completed order form. If you do not have an order form you may contact our customer service department by mail or phone to obtain one. Mailing of our lists constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein.

Direct mail is a very scientific medium which is the reason many experienced direct mail professionals routinely test their list by doing small mailings before doing a larger one. Your local library is a good source to obtain more information on direct mail and how to test direct mail offers.

We guarantee that our names are 100% deliverable and will offer replacement names at a 5 to 1 ratio. 5 new names for each non-deliverable. This offer is good on the original order only. You must return the entire face of the envelope showing postmark and delivery date to be eligible for the refund. We do not refund the costs of returning the names to us. The 100% deliverability guarantee is valid for 60 days from when the order is shipped.

When orders are processed and shipped, all sales are final.

Check Policy: If for any reason your check is returned, please be advised that Cyber Collect will debit your checking account for the face value of the check plus a $35 (thirty five) collection fee. This transaction will appear on your bank statement.

MLM Labels take pride in providing you with the best lists available. We wish you success in your endeavors and look forward to serving you in the future.